7 innovation frameworks demystified and distilled (Eg. Design Thinking, Agile, Mind Mapping etc). 23 innovation exercises to spark creative ideas and run micro experiments. 86 key insights and examples across industries and progressive organizations.
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Innovation is the change that unlocks and delivers new value

We give you innovation tools, frameworks and worksheets in a box ...literally

Ennovation Club empowers you to design spectacular products and services, and transform your company. Spark the innovation in your team by using powerful tools and frameworks. We have researched and distilled everything for you, so you don’t have to. Join now and we will send you everything you need, in a box! Plus we will include 5 year membership. So, what do you think? Want to go for a test drive?

       IN THE BOX

  • 7 innovation frameworks demystified and distilled (Eg. Design Thinking, Agile, Mind Mapping etc)

  • 23 innovation exercises to spark creative ideas and run micro experiments

  • 86 key insights, examples and case studies across industries and progressive organizations


  • 5 year free membership to the Ennovation Club

  • Access to well researched & meticulously authored articles​

  • Access to carefully curated resources and external tools




  • Can be applied to any industries to improve designs, applications, products, services or processes. 

  • You can help differentiate your offerings from your competitors and increase your profit margins.

  • You can diversify and create new product lines or enter adjacent industries.

  • You can also secure your strategic market position and grow your business.

  • We have carefully designed the package so innovation can become a predictable and repeatable process.



I just wanted to let you know that we have been able to drive and manage innovation like never before. Using the frameworks and exercises that you guys had provided, we were able to produce better ideas, and built them into our products and services. We were surprised to see that innovation is possible even in our industry. Thanks for putting together this package. You guys rock!

Melissa Johnson, Business Owner


Coffee n’ Things, Atlanta GA

Our engineering scrum team was initial bit skeptical. But they really embraced all the insights and ran through the exercises you had provided. We use the worksheets fairly often. As a result, we have seen much better ideas in our brainstorming sessions. We have seen a positive shift in our team culture. Thanks!


John Peterson, Scrum Master, R&D


Aspen Software LLC, San Francisco CA



How does it work?

When you join the Ennovation Club, we will ship a box with 7 innovation frameworks, 23 exercises, and 86 key insights to your doorstep. We will also welcome you to the club by giving you a 5-year free membership to all of our resources. You can use our tools and services with your team, so you get most value from your purchase. Your cost is a one time fee of $59 with a full money back guarantee. So, what do you think? Want to go for a test drive? 


How is this different than a book?

Over the years, various books have been written on innovation. However, most of them are academic in nature and the learning which you get cannot be easily applied to the real world. Also, most of them are looking back at how innovation happened, rather than looking at the latest tools and frameworks that are available.

We have studied how innovation actually happens in organizations. We have found that there is an opportunity for innovation in every organization and in virtually every department, but you have to use the right tools to get the right results. So we have decided to focus on the real world tools, frameworks, and exercises that produce best ideas and that improve your chances of success. Using these tools, frameworks and exercises, you can make innovation a repeatable and a predictable process!  


How can I get my money back if I am not 100% satisfied?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can simply ship the box back to us in 60 days and let us know how we can improve. We will refund you the money. Serving you is our privilege! 


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I am the founder of the Ennovation Club and I am passionate about emerging and innovative technologies. I have experience crafting digital strategies and bringing SaaS products to market. I am a Senior Director of Learning Innovation at Comcast. I lead a team that manages data strategy, web portals, telepresence, data visualization and mobile apps. Previously I ran two technology startups with my twin brother. I live near Princeton, New Jersey.



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